Insights from our open data training in Dubai

I’m excited at successfully delivering our second public “Open Data” in Dubai last week. We delivered this two-day executive training program in cooperation with Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) in Dubai, which was organized shortly following our first version of the program conducted December last year..

The training was jointly delivered by Dr. Yasar Jarrar, Partner and Senior Advisor at Open Data Institute – Dubai (ODI – Dubai), and myself.

The course was attended by around 30 participants form various government organizations in Dubai and the UAE and just like the first one in January – the room was full of energy and insightful discussion enriched by the variety of participants’ backgrounds and interests.

In particular, the following issues and topics caught the participants’ attention and triggered very informative discussions:

    • The data spectrum in which we put “all data” in context to explain and discuss the terms we often hear such as big data, open data, small data, closed data etc..
    • How various cities and countries around the world use their data infrastructure to achieve various goals ranging from building a smart city to fixing agriculture.
    • The process of launching and managing a data initiative at a government agency, and the key challenges we might face down the road especially those related to the change in culture and mindset.
    • The need to focus on making an impact with the published data which lead us to discuss how government entities can  ensure the inclusion of data users in UAE in the various phases of open data initiatives.

We also had the opportunity to hear from the participants about their experiences in their own agencies in various parts of Dubai such as Dubai Design District.

While designing the training plan of this program, we took into the consideration the need for leveraging the #ODIGlobalNetwork … so we have arranged to demonstrate the work of two startups incubated at ODIHQ: OpenSensors and DataPress.

We demonstrated how DataPress solution is enabling London Data Store and also had Yodit Stanton live via Skype to demonstrate how her startup helps government and non-government better connect their “things” and manage their data!

We look forward to our next program in March!

About The Author

An entrepreneur based in Australia and focusing on helping governments shift from Chrysler era to Tesla era! Founder of The Open Data Institute - Dubai Node and a Registered Open Data Trainer. Creating things around Data, IoT and Drones.

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