Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum

Guest post by AmalAlMutawa (@amalA)

I had the pleasure of attending the AbuDhabi Innovation Forum in January, 2012. The Forum consisted of many intellectual minds with great discussions with a snap shot of it in this post. The main highlights of the forum was to think big and different while utilizing the skills & knowledge you have.

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Breaking: UN eGovernment Survey 2012 is out: UAE Tops Arab World and ranked top 10 in online servicesally

The United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) has just revealed the United Nations eGovernment Survey 2012 in New York. ِAccording to the UN eGovernment Index – a major component of the report that ranks the world countries covered by the report according to the advancement of their eGovernment programs  - UAE is now ranked 29th globally and tops all Arab countries.


تجربة منتديات منطقة الشارقة التعليمية

مقال ضيف بقلم حصه الباهلي

من خلال عملي في مجال البحث الإعلامي التقليدي والمجتمعي مررت على منتديات منطقة الشارقة التعليمية والتي بدورها تتبع وزارة التربية والتعليم. الموقع يجسد فكرة التواصل الاجتماعي من خلال خلق بوابة مجتمعية ناجحة توفر جميع متطلبات الجمهور وتوفر لهم منصة للتواصل بطريقة مباشرة معها كهيئة حكومية من جهة، ومع الجمهور من المعلمين، الأكاديميين، الطلبة، وأولياء الأمور من جهة أخرى.  تجربة ناجحة يجدر في هذا المقام الإشارة إليها وتبيين نقاط النجاح فيها. Continue reading

From Cloud Computing 2011 to Open Data 2012: Research in Progress

My research activities for 2011 are just wrapping up in an exciting way,  I’ve just published a paper on cloud computing and started working on another one on Open Government Data.

The first one covers the shift towards cloud computing by UAE eGovernment, it describes the local context in which this shift is being made and the driving opportunities. In addition, it presents the first wave of deployed cloud services, the possible challenges in managing and marketing them and conclude with recommended solutions.

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Social Media and Arab Women’s Empowerment – New Report

A new report issued today by Dubai School of Government aimed at exploring the possible role social media platforms play in empowering the Arab women. This third issue of the Arab Social Media Report (ASMR) series explores the factors behind the low usage rates of social media among Arab women as compared to the men’s usage and the global women average. In addition, the report highlights how Arab women perceive social media and some key usage trends, the report features cases like the Saudi’s Women 2 Drive campaign  on Twitter and Facebook  and the HarrasMap initiative in Egypt.

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