GCC eGovernment Award: Towards a Platform for Collaboration

I’m writing this post from Dubai Airport while waiting for my flight to Kuwait to join the jury sessions of the 2nd GCC eGovernment Award.  The award aims at recognizing the best eGovernment practices in the six Gulf Cooperation Coucnil (GCC) countries: Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Each country has already nominated a list of these practices for the competition and UAE has picked 15 nominations.

The award has five categories: eService, eContent, G2G projects, economic development portals and national portals and as I have seen in the first version of it in 2009, it works as a platform to showcase the best eGovernment practices in these countries. Hence, it’s an excellent opportunity to understand the path each country is taking to foster its eGovernment programs.

Of  course some argue about the value of similar competitions  but personally I believe that the GCC eGovernment Award offers an additional good incentive for the government agencies in this region to innovate and  excel in using technology to create more value to their constituents.

As this award reaches its second version, I hope the GCC countries will to take extra steps in making the identified best practices shareable across the region.  This way the award will turn into a platform for collaboration … not only competition!

In a few weeks, I’ll share with you  my thoughts and comments on the award results once officially announced. Stay tuned!

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