A Map of “Chief Data Officers” Around the World

While I was doing some open data related research, I couldn’t find an online reference that provides a list of all “Chief Data Officers” around the world, so I decided to create one!

I complied a list with the help of my colleague Khamael Al Safi, then put them on the map below to give it better context.

The map covers both country (in blue) and city/state (in red) data officers. Also, not all of the officers on the map share the exact job title, like in the case of Utah State. However, they all do the “Chief Data Officer” job.

So here’s the map (Sorry if it doesn’t show up, you can view it here)

See full screen

This is a work in progress and it’s possible that I’ve missed some names as I was expecting to have a more crowded map! So please share with me any names that you think should be added to the map in the comments section below.

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An entrepreneur based in Australia and focusing on helping governments shift from Chrysler era to Tesla era! Founder of The Open Data Institute - Dubai Node and a Registered Open Data Trainer. Creating things around Data, IoT and Drones.

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