I love creating things .. and spending time with those who create things!

In 2013, I founded Exantium – a UAE-based government advisory firm focusing on government transformation and innovation through technology in the Arab region. This is my key strartup where I peruse my passion of building governments for the digital age.. or governments that are “less Kodak … more Instagram” as my website title reads!

With the winners of Culture Shift award by the British Council in Dubai

With the winners of Culture Shift award by the British Council in Dubai

Also, I’m the co-founder of (01 Government)-The Arabic central hub for technology of the government of the future. The portal offers to the Arab audience in the region and worldwide daily news and updates on government technology various topics such as eGovernment, SMART Government, SMART City, Social Media & Mobile

Two years ago, I co-founded “Uktub” .. and yes you probably never heard of it because we killed it soon after that! Uktub was a online platform for that provide proofreading service for Arabic writers.

My most recent activities within the entrepreneurs community was contributing to the British Council’s “Culture Shift” hackathon in Dubai end of March 2015. A very interesting event where I enjoyed working with artists and tech enthusiasts to hack ideas for using digital technologies to promote and support the grassroots art of Dubai.

In January, I was invited by Dubai Internet City to be a judge at the #DecodeDubai hackathon – another lovely opportunity to see the innovative entrepreneurs of Dubai and the region in action!