Social Media and Arab Women’s Empowerment – New Report

A new report issued today by Dubai School of Government aimed at exploring the possible role social media platforms play in empowering the Arab women. This third issue of the Arab Social Media Report (ASMR) series explores the factors behind the low usage rates of social media among Arab women as compared to the men’s usage and the global women average. In addition, the report highlights how Arab women perceive social media and some key usage trends, the report features cases like the Saudi’s Women 2 Drive campaign  on Twitter and Facebook  and the HarrasMap initiative in Egypt.

Finally and most important, the report discusses to what extent social media can be leveraged as a tool to empower women in the Arab region and increase their participation in shaping the future of their own countries.

You can download the full report and the previous two editions of via the following links:

Arab Social Media Report – Issue 3 (November, 2011)

Arab Social Media Report – Issue 2 (May, 2011)

Arab Social Media Report – Issue 1 (January – 2011)

And for timely updates, yo can follow the Twitter accounts of the report authors Fadi Salem and Racha Mourtada in addition to the  account of the report itself. 

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