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Is a wide ban on using smart devices in Saudi’s public sector the best choice?

The Saudi Gazette recently reported that “Government may ban all its employees from using smartphones and tablets, such as iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerry devices, during working hours after receiving complaints from the public”.

The paper offered no details about the  complaints received but inserted its comment: “It is quite common to find government employees at numerous service-based government agencies answering their mobiles and, in many cases, leaving the office to answer personal calls”.


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The Social Media Award: Celebrating some Great Values

The Social Media Usage Guidelines developed by the Federal eGovernment (@EmirateseGov) in United Arab Emirates (UAE) was awarded “The Social Media Initiative of the Year” award during the Government Digital Media Conference organized by @govdmf in Dubai earlier this month.

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The digital divide in the age of Gov 2.0: another perspective

It might have different definitions, but a simple one by Bharat Mehra defines digital divide as “the troubling gap between those who use computers and the Internet and those who do not”. The term is usually incorporated in e-Government programas as a challenge need to be tackled to secure more up-take of government online services and smoother transition towards knowledge based economy and society.

However, while many governments around the world explor how to make the move from Gov 1.0 to Gov 2.0, another perspective of the digital divide is emerging and should be paid the necessary attention.

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