From Cloud Computing 2011 to Open Data 2012: Research in Progress

My research activities for 2011 are just wrapping up in an exciting way,  I’ve just published a paper on cloud computing and started working on another one on Open Government Data.

The first one covers the shift towards cloud computing by UAE eGovernment, it describes the local context in which this shift is being made and the driving opportunities. In addition, it presents the first wave of deployed cloud services, the possible challenges in managing and marketing them and conclude with recommended solutions.


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This book was authored using Twitter!


I was so excited to get the official approval on my chapter proposal about online social networking and government policies to be published in the book titled “E-Governance and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinants of E-Democracy”.  However, the moment I recieved this approval, I’ve started thinking about one of the key questions face any […]

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